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Economic/Financial Modeling & Analyses

  We develop Economic Impact Analyses documents.  We have conducted economic impact studies for NASA, DOE contractor National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec) and Paul D. Camp Community College (PDCCC).  We have estimated the economic impact of regulations on small and large entities for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  We conduct economic modeling and financial analyses of conventional and renewable energy resources.  As part of these analyses, we calculate cost/benefit ratios, payback periods, net present values and rates of return.  We assess project competitiveness and viability.  We conducted economic and financial analyses of nine hydro power plants for the Kenya Tea Development Agency.  We used spreadsheet-based models to evaluate the economics and carbon credit potential of the hydro options.  

Policy Analyses

We develop policy analyses for clients.  We study the economic and regulatory impacts of a policy.  We analyze state level electric and gas markets, study energy industry restructuring models and assess the impact of state commission policy on these markets.  We review utility policies and programs to encourage the adoption of renewable and distributed generation options by their customers.  Finally, we study environmental policies/programs and impacts.  

Regulatory Impacts

 We analyze societal impacts of regulation for clients.  We perform studies on the impact of rules and regulations on business and assess how these regulations influence consumer choices of products and services.  We also perform Small Business Screening and Analyses.  We estimate impacts to small business as part of analyses in compliance with the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) as amended by the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act (SBREFA).  

Industry Profiles 

We help develop and update profiles of industries potentially affected by regulation. The profiles include information on type of sources affected by the regulation and  background information on the demand, supply and market structure of the industry; production/shipment, export, import, consumption, sales, employment and other market data; industry organization, concentration and pricing.  

Industry Analyses

We are experienced in industry analyses.  We have participated in twenty proceedings before state regulatory commissions on economic and market condition issues related to the electric and natural gas industries.  We have  testified on industry demand, supply, structure and cost issues before regulatory commissions and prepared reports, studies based on economic analyses of changing industry structure.  We help clients understand economic, market structure, policy and environmental issues related to industries. 

Regulatory Trends

We advise clients on how states have addressed cost recovery, allocation of costs, parity of rate of return, purchasing and hedging issues. We performed a benchmark study of regulatory trends in the gas industry by researching gas purchasing and gas cost recovery issues.  

Market Segmentation

We help clients understand the benefits of market segmentation and develop residential and business market segmentation programs. We have educated managers of an international utility on product differentiation issues.  

Marketing Strategies & Strategic Communications

 We help clients define markets and position them for success in a competitive marketplace.  We help them communicate their sustainability strategies and successes internally and externally.  We provided strategic consulting services to a Midwest utility for the marketing of an improved environmental profile for the company.  We helped the Army National Guard with strategic communications related to sustainability best practices within and outside the agency.