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Our conservation services encompass the following areas.

Energy & Water Savings

 We identify opportunities for reducing energy and water use in buildings.  We study building systems and processes to determine improvements that can be made.  Our approach includes examining electricity, natural gas, and water bills, performing a walk through of the building and discussing the building and its operation with the building owner and facility managers.  We make energy/water efficiency recommendations based on all pertinent building information, and develop a report based on our analysis.  

Energy Efficiency Incentives

 We study specific opportunities for energy efficiency improvements to buildings at the state, federal and local level.  We identify incentives provided by cities, states and the Federal government for increasing the energy efficiency of buildings.  We also review programs offered by local utilities to incentivize adoption of energy efficiency measures by customers.  We compile a list of these incentives and opportunities for our clients and link these incentives to the energy recommendations we make.  

Economic Feasibility Studies

 We conduct economic analyses to estimate the benefits and determine the viability of energy efficiency programs, renewable energy and distributed power options.  We perform costs and revenue assessments, economic, regulatory and financial viability aspect of a feasibility study.  We calculate payback periods, net present values, internal rates of return, cash flows and debt service coverage ratios for energy efficiency and renewable energy options.  We estimate the GHG emission reduction potential of these options.

Evaluation, M&V of Programs

 We conduct impact evaluations of energy efficiency programs to analyze savings estimates, develop independent savings estimates and determine the cost-effectiveness of programs.  We perform process evaluations to assess the promotion of the programs and effectiveness of delivery mechanisms.  We gauge customer satisfaction with programs and reasons for participation.  We examine any market transformation effects of the programs.